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Still on ACT! 6.0 or ACT! 5.0?

If you plan on buying a new computer, here are a few things you should know: ACT! 6.0 has limited compatibility with Microsoft Vista and is not supported. Also ACT! 6.0 is not compatible with Microsoft Office 2007.

ACT! by Sage 2009 and 4Advisors 3.0 Addon for ACT! is compatible with Microsoft Vista, Office 2007 and on 64 bit computers! ACT! is loaded with great new features such as Advanced queries, dashboard, secondary contacts, company records, dynamic groups, security, highly improved email integration with Outlook, and so much more.

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ACT! for Financial Professionals

10 Critical things you can't do with ACT! 6 but with ACT! by Sage 2009

1. There is NO security in ACT! 6 - Anyone can take a full copy of your ACT database without your knowledge or approval.

2. ACT! 6 does not provide field access restrictions or the ability to restrict access to certain records within a database.

Securing the database with ACT! by Sage 2009 now extends to selected contact, company and group records plus field level controls (open, read-only or hidden). Access rights can be assigned to individual users or set by team.

3. You no longer have to manage emails from the slow ACT! 6 Email interface. Stay in Outlook and easily attach sent and received emails to contacts in your database. Attached email access can be set private or public to secure what is shared with fellow database users.

4. Unique Activity Types - Your activities are more than just Calls, Meetings, and To-Do's. ACT! by Sage 2009 allows you to create unique activity types so your most profitable time and activities are prioritized with much finer detail. For example, set Birthdays, Anniversaries, Money Due, ACAT, Last Reviewed, and more!

5. Company Records and Groups - You may manage company accounts and not just individual contacts. New company records provides combined views of all the history, activity, notes, opportunities, and documents for all the contacts of a company, project, division segment or territory.

6. Dynamic Memberships for Groups and Companies - ACT 6 allowed group rules to assign specific contact records into groups, but would not remove those contacts from the group if they no longer met those rules. ACT! by Sage 2009 provides a new dynamic membership system where contacts are added or removed automatically based on the fields criteria. This happens automatically too, not just when the group rules are executed.

7. New Field Types, Dropdowns, More Elegant Design - ACT! by Sage allows new fields such as add logical check-box fields (yes/no, true/false), memo (unlimited text) and even picture fields to your database. Drop down lists are also easier to manage.

8. Multiple secondary contacts - ACT! Provides a scondary contacts table allowing more detail on as many additional contacts as you wish to have within an existing contact record.

9. Opportunity/Dashboards/Reports - Opportunity management functions in ACT 6 were very limited and passed completedly unused in many ACT databases. The new opportunity management design has evolved greatly, rich in flexibility and reporting features, now allowing you to stay on top of your progress and objectives.

10. Tables, Integration and Addons - The flat datbase design of ACT 6 required many linked subfiles to hold the various elements of contacts, activities, email addresses, history, etc... This created challenges for developers to integrate yet sill maintain data integrity. After all , it was hard enough for ACT to maintain this integrity on it's own, witness the frequent corrections required by Compress and Reindex or Scan and Repair procedures.

ACT! by Sage chose a .Net and SQL environment to open up features and integration with other programs. As a result, there is a richness of addon products, tools, techniques and enhancments far beyond anything possible on the old ACT! platform.

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