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What's New in ACT! by Sage Solutions 2009 (11.0)?
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Work More Effectively, Maximize Productivity, and Better Serve Your Contacts
Feedback from customers like you who work with ACT! every day is invaluable to us—in fact, we rely on it when we develop new versions. We observe how customers work with ACT! and ask what would help them work even more effectively. Experience the results for yourself in ACT! Solutions 2009. You receive powerful new features and significant enhancements to areas of the product that you use every day, such as Microsoft® Outlook® integration, calendar and activity visibility, and search functionality. All this enables you to work more effectively, become more productive, and better serve your contacts.

Tighter Outlook Integration Provides Options for Tracking and Organizing E-mail
New and improved Outlook integration features afford you the flexibility to track and organize e-mails in ACT! en masse or on a case-by-case basis. Or, automate these functions so you can set them once and forget about them. Calendar integration features enable you to create ACT! activities from Outlook for tracking important action items received via e-mail, and copy your ACT! and Outlook calendars automatically1 or with just one click.

Greater Calendar and Activity Visibility Help You Stay On Top of Your Day
Improvements to calendar printing and viewing make it easy for you to get relevant snapshots of your schedule and give you a heads up on your scheduled activities at-a-glance. This way you can stay on top of your day and realize maximum productivity gains.

Powerful Lookups and Search Functionality Quickly Give You the Details You Need
Lookups and search functionality have been streamlined, helping you find the particular contact or contact details you need quickly, in one lookup-friendly place. Build the most basic or complex searches using a tool that has been simplified and enhanced. And easily recall recent lookups to save time in your day.

More Database Functions and Automation Options Help Maintain ACT! Details
With more database functions and automation options, you can spend time managing what is most important to your bottom line and feel confident your ACT! details are fully maintained. Now, ACT! automatically handles periodic database maintenance tasks and provides you with a variety of options for tailoring maintenance to fit your needs. Additionally, know exactly how your ACT! sync is progressing with the streamlined progress bar, reduce the size of your backup files by excluding attachments, and more.
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2nd of September 2009 02:05 PM

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