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Need to reinstall Act4Advisors 2.0
I just got a new computer and installed act on it, however when I try to open my Act Database, it is missing the Act4Advisors add-on. Where can I download it from and can I get my software key re-issued?

Act4Advisors 2.0 Installation compatible with ACT! 6.0(2004)
Note: Windows Vista and Windows 7 is not supported.

Close ACT and download the installation file Save this file to your Desktop
Note: This installation will only install program files, layouts, and templates. It will not install a new database. You must restore your database from backup first before installing this file or if  the database is shared on the server/host - you will need to locate it upon installation.

If you need further help on this issue contact or you may call 770.475.9213 - support calls will require either a support contract or a support per incident fee.

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18th of October, 2010

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