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Need to reinstall Act4Advisors 3.0
I just got a new computer and installed act on it, however when I try to open my Act Database, it is missing the Act4Advisors add-on. Where can I download it from and can I get my software key re-issued?

Act4Advisors 3.0 Workstation Installation is compatible with ACT! 2007 (9.0), 2008 (10.0), 2009 (11.0)

Step 1. Close ACT and download the installation file  Save this file to your Desktop.

Step 2. Open/Run the file. It will say, "This software requires a security key…" Press the OK button.

Step 3. Highlight the Hardware Fingerprint with your mouse and Copy it via right mouse click. The 8 digit hardware fingerprint is located right above where it is prompting you to enter in your Name and Keycode.

Step 4.  Click here to create the email to request the keycode.

Step 5. In the body section of the email, right click and Paste the Hardware Fingerprint. Type in the name of the licensee and hit send. 

Leave the input window OPEN until you receive the keycode back. If you fail to do this, they keycode can change.  Do not request the keycodes during non-office hours.

Keycodes will only be sent to the licensee and other employees or consultants who have been pre-designated.

We will generate a name/key provided by the hardware fingerprint. When you receive name and key enter the info.

Note: This installation will only install registry and program files. It will not install a new database. You must restore your database from backup first before installing this file or locate the shared database on the network after the installation. If you need further help on this issue contact or you may call 770.475.9213 - support calls will require either a support contract or a support per incident fee.

Allied Financial Software, Inc.

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6th of August, 2015

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