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How to import data into Act4Advisors 3.0 from ACT! for Financial Professionals.


I am switching from ACT! for Financial Professionals (AFFP) to regular ACT! with Act4Advisors.  How do I import my data?


1. Backup your AFFP database using File > Backup > Database. This must be done in AFFP. Save the backup file to your Desktop.

2. Fully uninstall AFFP using Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs (in XP) or Control Panel > Programs and Features (in Vista).

3. Install ACT! by Sage as either the same or newer version as you AFFP software.

4. Open ACT! and choose File > Restore Database > Restore As. Pick the backup file in step one and name the restored database.

5. Open the restored database in ACT!. File > Open Database.

6. Close ACT!

7. Install Act4Advisors

8. Open the Act4Advisors database and follow the ACT! import instructions based on a single user database or multiuser database.

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13th of February, 2009

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