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Installing ACT! on a MAC using Parallels Virtual Machine

1.       In Parallels, go to Virtual Machine> Configuration> Network > and change the settings to "Shared Network" and chose the "Default Adapter".  This allows the Virtual PC to have its own "Direct" network IP address so that synchronization will work.

2.       Windows firewall ports need to be opened (pretty standard- 65100, 1433,1434) to allow the ACT! program to pass through)

3.       If using CompanionLink- Disable two way calendar sync on first sync.  (Birthdays will fill the Outlook calendar and create recurring events in ACT!- major pain)  After sync- go to outlook and search by the word birthday and delete all calendar events containing it.  Then allow two way sync on the CompanionLink software and you will not end up with 22,810 alarms for 580 recurring tasks that must be manually deleted one by one.

4.        If you create 22,800 alarms by accident- contact AFS.  We have a utility called "Alarm Cleaner" they can run to zap the alarms.  ( You must do the tasks manually)

5.       Last, ACT! has an .exe file put in Windows Start Menu that opens the SQL Server upon starting windows...  It takes about 30 seconds to run but does the trick.

It should be noted, Allied Financial Software nor Sage Software provide support for virtualization.

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11th of May, 2012

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