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4Advisors Menu does not appear to be working
On 64 bit Windows 7 or Vista, you notice that the 4Advisors menu does not allow a choice when clicked on.

To correct the menu, Go to your My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Browse to C:\Program Files (x86) and copy the A4A folder to C:\Program Files

Restart ACT!

More details on how to copy the folder:

Click on the Windows Start button and choose Computer.  Otherwise, right click on the Start button and choose Open Windows Explorer

Double click on Local Disk C: drive

Double click on C:\Program Files (x86)

Highlight the A4A folder and right click on it.  Choose Copy

Choose the back button on the left side of the toolbar to go back to your C: drive

Highlight the C:\Program Files folder and right click.  Choose Paste and accept any prompts you might have.

Restart ACT!

NOTE:  ACT! 2009 (v11.0) and below are not supported for Windows 7.  Please call Allied Financial Software to upgrade.

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Last Updated
23rd of April, 2013

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