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How to Create A Custom Label in ACT! 6.0
You would like to create Christmas Labels or just change your current label?

Here's how you do it.

1. Go to File, select Print

2. At the pulldown box, select Labels.

3. Select the label type and press the Edit Template button.

4. Notice the template, at this point you may change the fields (see example here) to home address instead of company and/or go to the next step.

5. Select the first field (single left click on field), then single right mouse click. Scroll to the bottom and select Properties.

6. Select the desired font, type, size, and hit Apply, then OK. Note: You can search the internet for free Christmas Fonts to install on your computer.

7. Save the file and include the label type. In this example, I named the file 5160_home_Christmas01.
5160 is the Avery Label type.
home is the type of info on the label.
Christmas01- personally I created 5 different christmas labels.
Keep in mind this is an example, it is up to you on how to design and organize your custom labels.

8. It's time to print! See steps number 1,2, and 3. This time choose the label you just created and select OK.

9. Under Create report for, you may want to select Current lookup and in the Send output to, select Preview.

10. If all looks good, select Print.


You are only able to see the contact name and nothing else.
It is possible that the label created was for home address and the contact did not have home address info or vise versa.

You are seeing huge gaps on the label. Go to next step for answer.

Select all fields, right mouse single click to bring up the Object Properties box and select Close up blank space. Hit Apply, then OK.

Note: You may have to reapply the style, font, and size and then save.
Sometimes when making additional changes to the template, you lose the
format. Keep that in mind. So if you preview and it is not showing the style
you selected just go back and reapply the style, font, and size for each field and save.

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20th of January, 2009

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