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Once I'm in the Schedule Activity dialog, how can I navigate the calendars using only keystrokes?

Answer: In the Schedule Activity dialog box, you can do the following (this only works consistently if you do not use the keys on the number pad):

With the cursor in the Date field

Keystroke What it does to the date
= Adds one day
- Subtracts one day
+ Adds one month
_ Subtracts one month

With the Mini-Calendar visible in the Date field:

Keystroke What it does to the date
Page Up Subtracts one month
Page Down Adds one month
Shift+Page Up Subtracts one year
Shift+Page Down Adds one year

With the cursor in the Time field:

Keystroke What it does to the time
= Adds one hour
- Subtracts one hour
+ Adds one minute
_ Subtracts one minute

In any field with a drop-down, Alt+Down Arrow opens the drop-down for that field. Once open, you can navigate the drop-down with the cursor keys.

Keystroke What it does
Alt+Down arrow Opens the drop-down

NOTE: Many of these same keystrokes will also work in date fields in the contact record.

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20th of January, 2009

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