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  1. questionReturn Policy
    Though we believe all of our pre-sales information is adequately representative of our product, we realize there may be reason to return the software. We do not take this lightly since we would like to have the assurance that our software is appropriate BEFORE the sale is transacted. We provide ...

  2. questionAct4Advisors and Scan&Organize Terms and Conditions
    These Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time, govern the use of the Plan by the individual(s) designated as the Customer contact(s) on the plan order (the "Customer"). Except as discussed below, the Customer is the only authorize user of the Plan. Definition The Plan means the Act4Ad ...

  3. questionSupport Options
    In July 2009, we began a new support policy allowing our customers the best possible solutions for supporting ACT! and Act4Advisors. Due to our rapid growth in the number of customers, we have had to implement this new policy to better serve all customers and we hope you will follow our guide ...

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