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Return Policy

Though we believe all of our pre-sales information is adequately representative of our product, we realize there may be reason to return the software. We do not take this lightly since we would like to have the assurance that our software is appropriate BEFORE the sale is transacted.

We provide a conditional 30 day money back guarantee for Act4Advisors software. This guarantee requires that you return the software, installation instructions and sales receipt for proper credit. USER UPGRADES DO NOT QUALIFY FOR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Swiftpage Act! offers a 60 day conditional warranty guarantee for the Act! software. If the Act! software does not function based on its represented features contact Swiftpage Act!


Conditions that must be met before a return is allowed:

  1. You must speak to an Allied Financial Software (AFS) representative and explain the reasons for the return.
  2. You must allow the AFS representative to walk you through the uninstallation of our software. Proof of uninstallation is required to receive credit.
  3. You may not keep any copies of the software or its components. If you have made any copies, you are required to destroy these copies including copies of the database itself. You may export your data to another database or to a text file but the database bucket is a licensed part of the software.
  4. You may not give any copies of the software to anyone else.

Act4Advisors 2.0 Replacement CD Policy

If you have lost your Act4Advisors v2.0 software CD or if you decide to have a CD shipped to you after receiving a download, the replacement fee is $99 plus shipping and handling. If you require additional downloads, a services fee of $25 may apply. Be sure to protect your CD and save your downloads to a CD or other media to avoid this charge.

Upgrade Policy

The Upgrade Policy is changed effective 8/1/2017

Customers who purchase Act4Advisors within 90 days of a new version release will receive the new version for free. The customer must request the new version within 12 months of their purchase. This does not apply to Act! upgrades.

The following schedule is in place for version upgrade:

Days Since Last Purchase* Discount for Upgrade (off the current, retail price)

  • 90 days Upgrade is Free
  • 180 days 50% discount
  • 2 Years 30% discount
  • 3 Years 20% discount
  • 4 Years + 10% discount

*Version Upgrade discounts are only available to those users who have the most recent version before the newly released version. Skipping versions does not qualify for discounts.

These upgrade discounts apply to Act4Advisors only and NOT to ACT! or any other software programs or interfaces we provide.

Adding User Upgrades

To upgrade your existing license within the same version, our pricing is listed below.

  • Single User to Two User Network Upgrade $150
  • Single User to Five User Network Upgrade $399
  • Single User to Ten User Network Upgrade $800
  • Two User to Five User Network Upgrade $250
  • Two User to Ten User Network Upgrade $600
  • Five User to Ten User Network Upgrade $400

For other USER upgrade pricing not listed, please contact sales.

To order any upgrade, please call our sales at 800-831-7636.
All upgrades will be emailed via a download link. If you would like a CD instead, the additional cost is $50 - this includes shipping and handling.

Support on Upgrades is limited – All support issues on upgrades should be emailed to or you can purchase a per incident support for $99.00.

Note: We are not responsible for loss of data. We recommend that you back up and reindex your database regularly.

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