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  1. questionHow to Manage the ACT! 2007 Scheduler
    You would like information regarding the ACT! Scheduler. Answer The ACT! Scheduler utility, introduced with ACT! 2006, has been improved for ACT! 2007. As before you can perform unattended Back ups and/or database Synchronizations. Database Maintenance, and Outlook and ACT! calendar synchroniza ...

  2. questionHow to Add ACT! Serial Numbers to Your Database
    In ACT! 2007 and greater, login as a user who is an Administrator. Choose Help > Register ACT! Choose the Add button. Choose, “I have already purchased a license” Type in the serial number. Troubleshooting: You are using Windows Vista and you want to add another ACT! serial ...

  3. questionWant to Share the Database with Other Users on the Network
    To share the Act4Advisors database: Login as an Administrative user. Add users to your database using Tools > Manage Users (Caution: you must have an ACT! and Act4Advisors license for each user) After adding the users, choose Tools > Database Maintenance > Share Database Next, op ...

  4. questionCompute Time Spent on Specific Activities in ACT!
    How can I compute the time spent on custom activities in ACT!? For instance, the hours spent traveling or time spent meeting a customer, etc. You can create a report of time spent on custom activities in ACT! by creating a new activity type and recording the time spent in the History. To do thi ...

  5. questionInactivating ACT! Users
    How can I inactivate users of my ACT! database? When you make an ACT! user inactive, that user will not be able to login to ACT!. You can creatively manage the number of ACT! licenses and users by temporarily inactivating users, thereby allowing another user to access ACT!. Follow the instructi ...

  6. questionHow to reduce hardware acceleration
    How to reduce hardware acceleration- Display Does Not Completely Refresh When Changing From One View to Another Question You are changing, for example, from the Contact Details view to the Contact List view when your screen does not refresh completely and you see parts of each view. Answer This ...

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