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Want to Share the Database with Other Users on the Network


To share the Act4Advisors database:

  1. Login as an Administrative user.
  2. Add users to your database using Tools > Manage Users
    (Caution: you must have an ACT! and Act4Advisors license for each user)
  3. After adding the users, choose Tools > Database Maintenance > Share Database
  4. Next, open you’re my Computer or Windows Explorer and copy the Advisor database PAD file into the database-files folder. This file should be called Advisors30.pad or some derivative of Advisor*.PAD i.e Advisor31.pad, Advisor35.pad, etc.
  5. Each user should now be able to open the database from within ACT. Open ACT! and choose File > Open
  6. Choose the My Network Places icon on the left hand side browse to the server computer and the folder with the database.
  7. Choose the Advisor PAD file
  8. Login with the Login name that was given to the user



You haven’t been able to share the ACT! database from your server computer which is running Windows Vista.

To resolve this issue:

  1. You must be logged into the Vista computer as an Administrative user.
  2. Single right mouse click on the ACT! icon
  3. Choose “Run as Administrator”

You should now be able to share the database as noted above.

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18th of November, 2007

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