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I have ACT! for Financial Professionals. Can I use Act4Advisors?


Act4Advisors is an ACT! database that we have customized. It was created using the ACT! by Sage software.

ACT! by Sage for Financial Professionals (AFFP) is a different version of ACT! itself.  When you open any ACT! database with AFFP, AFFP will add all of its proprietary fields to the database. The problem is that many of the AFFP fields added are already fields included in Act4Advisors.  When you open the Act4Advisors database, fields such as Tax ID, Children, Accounts, Insurance and many more will be duplicated and added to the database.  This means you will have a lot of unused fields in the database.

As a result, we recommend that you consider upgrading your ACT! software.  You can then backup your AFFP database and restore it using ACT!.  You can then import that database into our Act4Advisors database.

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13th of February, 2009

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