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How to Change the My Record for a Single User License
You have a single user license of ACT! and cannot login to the database as a different user to change the My Record to another contact or your own existing contact.
You want your My Record to be your existing contact.

If the user does not already exist, create a new user in the database via Tools > Manage Users.  If your contact record already exists in the database, choose Create User from Existing Contact.   Make your user record is an Administrative user.

After you have created the new user from your existing Contact record, make a backup of the database via File > Backup Database. Name the Backup file OLDUSER

After the backup completes choose File > Restore Database > Restore As

Select the backup file.

Name the database similar to the original, ie. Advisor36B instead of Advisor36.

When prompted for the user name and password, use the new user's credentials that you just created.

Since the database has not been logged into yet, you will now be able to open the restored database and use your new login information. To open the database, choose File > Open Database and select the newly restored database.

When the new database opens, you can either delete the original user and reassign the records to your new user OR you can simply deactivate the original user.  If the old user was a different person, you should simply deactivate the login using Tools > Manage Users.  Otherwise, delete and reassign.

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23rd of April, 2013

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